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Hey there, traveler! Here at Tavern Wenches, we understand that the way the comics are presented on the internet aren’t always the most accessible, and we’ve done a few things to try and accommodate for that:

Descriptive Alt Text for Comic Panels

We are currently in the process of adding descriptive alt text for each panel of the comic so a screen reader can read the contents of the comic.

Currently all of the main comic has descriptive alt text for each panel. The wenches are hard at work to add this functionality to the Legacy/Tales comics.

Closed Caption Mode for Comic

In addition to descriptive alt text, the main comic also supports “Closed Caption Mode,” for readers who find difficulty reading the font/font size presented in comic panels. In this mode, a reader is presented with a large text version of the comic.

While we’ve set up a default font/font-size for this feature, we understand you may prefer something different. Further down this page you’ll be able to select your preferred font/font-size for “Closed Caption Mode”, as well as indicate if you prefer comics to be set to Close Caption Mode by default on your device. You can also toggle this mode by clicking on the CC icon next to the comic title.

Future Plans

Once we finish updating the legacy/tales comics with alt text/closed caption copy, we wish to continue to try and find ways to help make this comic accessible. (For example: currently we’re considering having audio recordings of each comic).

If you’ve found any of these features helpful, or have ideas on how to make the comic more accessible, we would love to hear them! You can always message Sarah on Twitter or email Sarah.


Below you can adjust your comic reading settings:

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Panel 2: Thog and Xavros and walking down a path. Behind them in the distance, the lighthouse ca be seen standing at the top of a hill.  A tree is to their left, with an old wooden sign on the right.  From the forward view, more of what Thog is carrying can be seen, including a variety of javelins that seemed to be strapped to the back of his bag.  Two small axes are hanging  out ot either side of his bag, with a much larger greataxe extending to the right behind Xavros's head. Thog is looking down at Horbin in his hands, who is passed out, his mouth open wide as if mid snore. "Thog prefers to hold a weapon while traveling," Thog says. Xavros looks away from the two, rolling his eyes.  "I told you, Thog," says Xavros, "You can't drag him behind us using your fifty feet of rope."

Thog: Thog prefers to hold a weapon while traveling.

Xavros: I told you, Thog, you can’t drag him behind us using your fifty feet of rope.