Tavern Wenches is now on Webtoons

Lots of things to discuss on today’s Rumors from the Tavern!

First: as the title of this update suggests, Tavern Wenches is now on Webtoons! The updates on there are a little behind on what is currently on the website, but it will be catching up in the weeks to come.

Second: This has been the case for awhile, but I realized I hadn’t actually announced this on the site, but the full original archive is now uploaded to the site! The new Tavern Wenches definitely takes inspiration from aspects of that original run, but as some of you may have noticed, it is definitely taking its own path. I’m still in the process of uploading transcripts of the original legacy comics, but for now you can enjoy the archive as it was originally presented.

Third: I have a mailing list! If subscription to Webtoons isn’t for you, and you want an easy way of being notified when the comic has been updated or get the latest Tavern Wenches news, subscribe today!

Finally, I want to give a shout out to all of you who have joined us on Patreon! I haven’t really been promoting my Patreon all that much, as my focus has been more on just getting the comic done and tweaking the parts of my site that needed attention, but in the months to come I hope to expand the content there. Currently becoming a Patreon lets you see behind the scene previews of comics and early access to the comic for the Honorary Wenches tier. In the future I would like to add a Discord server, additional character sheets of the characters in systems other than D&D 5e, and bring back the return of the “What Not to Say to a Wench” comics.

Thank you everyone for the likes/comments over the years. Tavern Wenches is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve loved being able to finally focus on it again in 2020 and bring it back to its former glory (and beyond!)

May the dice always be in your favor!
S Frisk

Legacy Comic Update

Today’s update is 20 comics from the original Tavern Wenches archive making the current number of legacy comics available to 40 of 115ish.

Unfortunately the pen for the tablet I use to make my comic went on the fritz this week. Due to the state of the world right now, getting a replacement has been a bit troublesome, and I need to wait for a new one to get shipped to me. If everything works out, it should be here Friday. To make up for the lack of new comic, I’ll be making a few original Tavern Wenches archive updates throughout the week, starting with today’s 20 comics.

I hope all of you are staying safe out there. I know my friends and I have been finding ways to play our favorite tabletop games online as we practice social distancing.

Enjoy, and Stay Safe!

S Frisk

Return of the Old Tavern Wenches Archive

I am currently in the process of bringing back the old Tavern Wenches archive. Moving from the old site to the new site has been a bit of a process, since the old site was a Wordpress site, and the new one is a Hugo static site I built from scratch. As a result, I’ll be uploading the old archive in chunks over the next several weeks.

On a related topic, if you’re interested in seeing what the theme of this site more or less looks like, you can find it on my Github, along with a few content examples from launch day. I’m also working on writing some tutorials on how I did everything, which you can find at my account on Medium.

Happy Gaming!

S Frisk

The Wenches are Back in Town

The dark demiplane can be a strange and dangerous place, and known to warp the very fabric of space and time. You go on many adventures, learn new skills, and sometimes find you aren’t always the same person you were when you left.

That being said, Tavern Wenches will be rebooted on January 13, 2020.

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I’ve missed you peeps.

S Frisk