The Job Interview


Panel 1

Note: The following comic is a hand drawn comic that has been colored digitally in grey scale.

Veronica and Mr Tiny are standing in front of a bar. To the right of them, Lulu stands behind the bar, leaning against it. Veronica is pointing behind her with her thumb to the left. “I saw the sign out front,” Veronica says. “You hiring?”

“Yup,” Lulu. “Our last tavern wench went PC on us when the old tavern burned down.”

Panel 2

Veronica and Lulu face each other across the bar. Veronica is on the left, standing straight. Lulu is leaning on one arm against the bar, while her other hand holds a wooden tankard.

“It’s not often you see an NPC looking for a new job,” says Lulu. “What were you doing before?”

“I was a damsel in distress. Evil wizard campaign,” replies Veronica.

Panel 3

Veronica and Lulu stand on either side of a bar facing forward. The top of Mr. Tiny’s head can be seen to the right of Veronica as he props his front two pops on the the top of the bar so he can look at Lulu.

“So why did you leave?” asks Lulu.

Veronica looks away from Lulu, avoiding eye contact, and grabs her arm with one hand. “Eh,” she says. “It wasn’t for me.”

“That’s one way of putting it,” says Mr Tiny. “You threw three PCs out of a tower!”

Panel 4

Veronica and Mr Tiny stand in front of the bar. To Veronica’s left on the ground is the top of her sachel of pocessions. Mr. Tiny, who is on Veronica’s right, still has his front paws propped on the bar, and is facing away to look at Lulu, who is leaning over the bar to get a better look at him.

“And who is this cute fellow?” asks Lulu.

Veronica looks at Mr Tiny, still somewhat uncomfortable and holding her arm. “Uh…Mr. Tiny,” she says.

“I’m her probation officer,” says Mr Tiny. “Management sent me.”

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