The Introduction of Mr Tiny


Panel 1

GM and Veronica are walking down the tower staircase together. Veronica has a sack slung over one shoulder and looks angry while GM seems unmoved.
“Took you long enough,” GM says. “I am on a schedule, you know.”

“Well, it’s not every day a girl gets evicted and fired for protecting herself,” Veronica retorts. “My stuff wasn’t exactly packed.”

Panel 2

GM opens a stone door, revealing a sliver of a dark sky. The door has silver knockers for handles, and looks extremely heavy. “There is a village at the foot of the hill. I’m sure you can find a place to stay, even if it’s just as an NPC commoner,” he says, waving vaguely with his right hand.

Panel 3

Veronica returns into frame, but clearly only because GM is literally shoving her towards the open door with both hands. She looks uncertain, with one hand on the door to brace herself from being shoved out too quickly. “How am I supposed to find a place in the middle of the night?” she asks.GM is unmoved. “It’s always midnight at this tower. 100 yards down the hill and it should be 10 am in the morning. Now off you go!”This clearly does not convince Veronica. “Hey, but–”

Panel 4

A fully black panel with the word “SLAM!” written in white.

Panel 5

Veronica is now outside the tower. GM hangs halfway out the tower door, which has been re-opened with a small ‘creeeeeeakkkk’ indicated with a white handwritten font. He is holding a black-and-white spotted cat. “Oh, I almost forgot,” he says. “This is your probation officer. His name is Mr. Tiny. Do try not to lose him. You would hate to find out what happens if you do.”

For the first time, Veronica looks more confused than angry. She points at the cat. “That’s not a probation officer. That’s a cat!”

The cat, however, looks unhappy with this turn of events. “I hate my life,” he says.

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