Sometimes You Gotta Rant


Panel 1

Veronica is shown in close-up Her confusion has subsided, and now she looks absolutely furious. “Fine! Kick me out! I’m done with the damsel in distress gig!” She yells, jabbing a finger upwards in a sharp gesture.

Panel 2

The panel zooms out, showing the rocks outside the tower and Mr Tiny’s head peeking up at Veronica from the bottom. “I am a strong and independent NPC and I refuse to be a pawn in someone else’s campaign!” Veronica keeps yelling. Her arms are spread wide, while she’s looking skywards as if exasperated. “I’m sick of getting tied up for 3 sessions, only to have some PC show up and expect me to have sex with him as a sign of my appreciation.”

Panel 3

Victoria’s expression shifts as she rubs her arm, remembering an uncomfortable past campaign. “Not to mention that those ropes really start to chafe after a while…”
Meanwhile, Mr. Tiny looks back to the left, where the tower door is just off-panel.
“You know, I don’t think management is listening,” he says. “He shut the door five minutes ago.”

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