Rusty Spork of Dragon Slaying


Panel 1

Note: The following comic is a hand drawn comic that has been colored digitally in grey scale.

The front of the bar goes the full width of the panel. On the left hand side, Veronica stands in front of the bar, facing Lulu who is holding a fake mustache on a stick against her face and is standing behind the bar. Between them, Mr Tiny is lying on top of the bar next to a wooden tankard, looking towards the right at a a man with short dark hair who is standing a little ways away from the group. He looks over at them, his body facing the bar, with a hand drawn exclamation point over his head.

“Pretend that I am a PC,” Lulu says to Veronica. “How would you respond if I were to say: ‘Quick! Hide under me, there is a dragon on the loose!’?”

Panel 2

The man starts to scooch his way down the bar, closer to Veronica. Veronica does not seem to notice him, and instead continues her conversation with Lulu, holding up a spork with her left hand for emphasis.
“I have a rusty spork that has +5 to Dragon Slaying,” says Veronica.

Panel 3

The man stops scooching down the bar, and looks at Veronica with wide-eyed horror. Lulu has emerged from behind her mustache, and she, Veronica, and Mr. Tiny are all aiming the same cold deadpan stare at him.

Panel 4

The man has vanished from the panel, with lines indicating the speed of his departure. Lulu is now grinning at Veronica, who has a smirk on her own face. “Management probably wouldn’t like it, but I do,” Lulu says. “You’re hired.”

“You are as bad as she is, aren’t you?” Mr Tiny asks.

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