Roll for Seduction


Panel 1

Three beings stand in a nondescript room. Two of them–a half-orc creature with a broken horn, and a halfling with a blue cloak and the smuggest of faces–are looking at the man standing between them. That man has a red cloak to match his red hair and soul patch, and is gripping a staff in one hand. He is looking up, as if to read the panel’s narration above his head.

”This is a world of heroes,” the narrator booms, “who battle endlessly through dark dungeons on noble quests…”

Panel 2

”To claim their share of the booty within,” the narrator continues.

The scene shifts. The smug halfling male in blue is pointing to his right, where a woman is standing next to a window. She has black hair with a white streak in the front on the right hand side, and is wearing a very busty maroon dress and an annoyed expression. Ropes are barely visible, keeping her arms behind her back.

The smug halfling points at her, while looking to the left and says “Hey guys, I rolled an 18. Does that mean I seduce her first with my size bonus?”

Panel 3

A sound effect. Everything is black except for the word “POW!!” in large white handwritten letters.

Panel 4

An outdoor shot of a stone tower on a tall narrow cliff, with no stars in the dark sky and no other land in sight. We can see the tiny figure of the girl in the window at the top of the tower, and the smug halfling hurtling towards the ground, being trailed by the sound of him screaming “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!” in small white handwritten font.

To the left of the tower, the white narrator text continues, “This is their world…”

Panel 5

Back inside the stone tower, the half-orc and the redhead are now visibly alarmed at the sight of the girl wielding a spork. Her arms are no longer behind her back and the rope that had been around her arms can be seen trailing towards the ground.

“But this is not their tale,” The narrator finishes.

The girl grins at the two adventurers, and says “So, boys, who’s next?”

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