Panel 1

Note: The following comic is a hand drawn comic that has been colored digitally in grey scale.

Veronica and Lulu stand on either side of a bar on opposite sides of the panel. Between them, Mr Tiny is lying down taking up the full depth of the bar and is looking up at Lulu, who is holding a wooden tankard in her left hand, and is pointing upwards with her right.

“Okay, so there is one more thing I need to do before I can hire you,” she Lulu.

“What’s that?” Veronica asks.

Panel 2

The panel zooms in to show just the Lulu. The tankard is gone, and she is gesturing outwards with both hands.

“It’s going to involve a bit of ‘role playing’,” Lulu says. “I need to see how you would react in some hypothetical customer scenarios.”

Veronica responds from the left, off-panel. “Sounds easy enough.”

Panel 3

Veronica stands to the left of the bar, resting her leftarms on the bar. She and Mr. Tiny are now peering over the bar to watch the Lulu, who is crouching on the other side of the bar, only the top of her head visible.

“Now where did I put that prop?” asks Lulu. “I had it yesterday…”

Panel 4

Lulu is standing upright, and is holding what seems to be a false mustache. The mustache has a stick coming out the far side, which the blonde is using to hold it up like a mask. and is facing to the left of the panel across the bar, where Veronica and Mr Tiny are look at her. Veronica seems nonplussed, while Mr. Tiny is more affected, and is now sitting straight up, eyes wide as he stares at Lulu.

“A mustache? Really?” asks Veronica.

“I did not see that one coming,” Mr Tiny says.

Lulu looks quite pleased with herself. “It fools PCs more often than not in believing I’m a man,” she says. “It will help make the role playing more realistic.”

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