Crossing Time Zones


Panel 1

From a distance, Veronica and Mr. Tiny are visible walking down a hill, leaving behind the tower at its top. From this viewpoint it is clear that the area is rocky, with a few pine trees farther down from where the tower is. Veronica still has her satchel slung over her shoulder. They haven’t gone very far.

Panel 2

The panel zooms in. Veronica and Mr. Tiny are still walking, but the landscape is now split down the middle. On the left, the sky at night is visible, while the right is bright blue and clearly daytime. Veronica is passing through the middle of the shot, her face brightly lit by the sudden sunshine.

Panel 3

Both Mr. Tiny and Veronica are now both on the daytime side of the panel, looking back towards the nighttime side. Veronica looks slightly bemused.

“Okay, that’s just weird,” she says.

Mr. Tiny seems less affected. “I’m surprised none of the PCs have ever noticed it,” he says.

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