Contract Terminable Upon TPK


Panel 1

The woman in the maroon dress stands by the window, accompanied by a mysterious figure in a black robe. His face and body are completely obscured, except for his eyes and one bone-white hand. He has a badge stuck to his robe that looks like a nametag, with “GM” written on it. “Veronica, that was your fourth total party kill in six campaigns,” he says. “You’re a Level 2 damsel in Distress, you don’t get to kill PCs.”

The woman - veronica - crosses her arms, and looks rather sour. “I have a zero tolerance level for that sort of a behavior. I don’t see the problem.”

Panel 2

“It’s a problem for us,” GM says. “People are saying this dark wizard’s campaign is ‘unfair’.” He raises both hands to make quotation marks with his fingers. “We’ve had to retcon several PC deaths. Including that party you tossed out the window!”“That halfling had it coming for him,” Veronica says, jabbing a finger at GM. “And are you really rewarding that sort of behavior?”

Panel 3

GM remains unmoved. He holds out a sealed envelope to Veronica. “In light of the current player outcry, we’re going to have to cut you from the campaign,”he says. “You’re hereby ordered to collect your belongings and vacate the premises immediately. You’re also on probation until further notice.”

Veronica looks absolutely furious. “You’re evicting me? But I live here!” she says, jabbing her finger downwards as if staking a claim on the tower. “I should get at least two standard actions!”

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