A Need for Mead


Panel 1

(Due to dialogue bubbles overlapping frames, this transcript will be describing multiple panels despite there being just one image)

Panel 1:

Veronica and Mr. Tiny are hanging out near a wooden fence. Behind the fence is a path and rolling green hills, as well as the tower still encased in darkness in the distance. Veronica is leaning up against the fence. “Right, so the goal is to find a place to stay, and an occupation”, she says, and holds up two fingers with one hand. “Something that preferably doesn’t involve being held captive and pays moderately well.”

Mr. Tiny is sitting on the top of the fence; he points just off-panel with one paw. “What about that place?”

Panel 2:

The view switches. The backs of Veronica’s and Mr. Tiny’s heads are visible at the bottom of the panel, looking across a dirt road at a wood-and stone building. The sign at the door says “A Need For Mead”, a long with a picture of a tankern. There is also a sign taped to the window that reads “Now Hiring: Tavern Wench. PCs Need Not Apply”.

Panel 3:

The view switches back to the fence. In the background, The tower is gone. Veronica has her arms crossed now, and is rolling her eyes. “You know, if I didn’t know that I was an NPC, I would suspect a convenient quest hook.”

Mr. Tiny, of course, has other priorities. “I could go for a drink,” he says. “Think they have spiced milk?”

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