+10 to Chafing


Panel 1

(Due to dialogue bubbles overlapping frames, this transcript will be describing multiple panels despite there being just one image)

Panel 1:

The panel shows two women standing at a bar. The first, a blonde wearing a braid and a green dress with a brown bodice and an apron wrapped around her waist, is holding a wooden tankard. She shrugs and rolls her eyes. “I just don’t get it!” she says.

The second woman is shorter and curvier, wearing a blue dress and a chef’s apron. Her brown hair is styled in dreads, and she’s holding a glass of what looks like red wine. “Get what?”

Panel 2:

The blonde makes a confused gesture, using the hand not holding the tankard. “How the hell does that armor get a +10?” she asks. “Plus 10 to WHAT? Over half her vital organs are exposed!”

Panel 3:

The view shifts to show who the blonde was talking about. The panel is dominated by a dark-skinned drow elf with long white hair, wearing a set of armor that seems to consist of a metallic bikini, half a skirt, boots, and about four or five belts.

“Maybe it’s +10 to chafing?” asks the women in blue, off panel. “That armor can’t be comfy. She probably has rashes under that mail.”

Panel 4:

We return to the other two women at the bar. The blonde is holding her tankard in a toast. “Chafing…I like it. A toast to +10 chafing armor!” she says with a grin.

The woman in blue returns the toast and the grin. “And to the fact that WE don’t have to WEAR it!” she replies.

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