Doth Protest Too Much

Thog: Human never left the tower.

Xavros: You left her!?

Xavros: We have to go back and rescue her!


Stranger: I’m sure Veronica is fine.

Xavros: Who is Veronica?

Stranger: Veronica? The lady in the tower.

Xavros (off): Is she from your town?

Xavros: I’m embaressed to admit, I never did catch her name.
Xavros: But hey, if she’s your friend, all the more reason to go back and save her.

Stranger: Friends!? We are not friends!

Xavros: The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.


Panel 1

Closeup of Thog’s face, his eyebrows furrowed as he looks up, eyes crossed in an annoyed expression.

“Human never left the tower,” says Thog.

In a narration block, Xavros, with a surprised/horrified expression on his face, yells “You left her!?”

Panel 2

Veronica in at a Need for Mead, drinking from a wine goblet. Her eyes are closed, and she is smiling, as if she is happily enjoying herself.

Xavros is speaking from a narration block. His head faces forward, a frantic expression on his face. “We have to go back and rescue her!” Xavros yells.

Panel 3

The Stranger and Xavros sit on the bench of the cart, chatting. The stranger has his arms crossed over his chest, his face in a snear.

“I’m sure Veronica is fine,” says the Stranger

Xavros looks confused, scratching the side of his head. “Who is Veronica?” asks Xavros.

Panel 4

Against a yellow background is the Stranger’s face looking to the right. A bead of sweat is running down the left side of his face.

“Veronica?” says the stranger. “The lady in the tower.”

From off panel, Xavros asks “Is she from your town?”

Panel 5

Over a pink bacground is a chest up close up of Xavros. He’s facing to the left, but looking towards the right. He is smiling, with a blush on his face, as if embaressed.

“I’m embaressed to admit,” says Xavros. “I never did catch her name.”

Panel 6

The Stranger and Xavros sit on the cart together. The Stranger looks forward, now multiple sweat beading down his face. Xavros has an arm behind the Stranger’s back in a friendly gesture.

“But hey, if she’s your friend,” says Xavros, “All the more reason to go back and save her.”

Panel 7

The Stranger and Xavros sit highlighed against a light blue background. The stranger is no longer sweating, but yelling.

“Friends!?” yells the Stranger. “We are not friends!”

Behind him Xavros is grinning widely, his eyebrows raised. “The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks,” says Xavros.

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