Stranger: It’s dangerous to be wandering these roads so late at night.
Stranger: Rumors are there is an evil wizard in these parts.
Stranger: I’m on my way to the local tavern for a beer. Perhaps I can give you a ride?
Xavros: That’s convenient.
Thog: Too convenient
Xavros: What a random act of kindness!

Xavros: Thank you, stranger. We accept!

Thog: Is wisdom wizard’s dump stat?


Panel 1

Thog and Xavros are walking down a road away from the lighthouse. Behind them is a shadowy form with a tall slanted hat, a sideways grin barely visible. The figure is standing on a large rectangular object, and is above Thog and Xavros.

Thog and Xavros both look equally surprised, as they glance out of the corners of their eyes as they attempt to identify the voice behind them.

“It’s dangerous to be wandering these roads so late at night,” the shadowy figure says.

Panel 2

A close up profile view of the stranger’s face facing to the right, a black background behind him. He is wearing a dark hat, with thick blond hair that falls in front of his eyes, obscuring them. He has a wide grin on his pastey pale skin, with a piece of hay sticking out between his teeth.

“Rumors are there is an evil wizard in these parts,” the Stranger says.

Panel 3

The stranger sits in a wooden cart in front of a grove of trees. He is waving at Thog and Xavros with one hand, who have turned around to face the stranger, while his other hand holds onto reigns of whatever creature is pulling the cart off panel. He has a cloak around his shoulders the same color as his hat. His eyes are still obscured by his blond hair. He wears a short sleeved white tunic, with a short tan vest on top of it. A red scarf is wrapped around his waist as a belt holding up a pair of raggedy light grey shorts.

“I’m on my way to the local tavern for a beer,” says the Stranger. “Perhaps I can give you a ride?”

Panel 4

Close up of Xavros looking forward, a surprised expression on is face, as his eyes are wide and his eyebrows are raised. Behind him, the ocean the lighthouse overlooked can be seen, with a view stones visible.

“That’s convenient,” says Xavros.

Panel 5

Close up of Thog’s face in front of a black background, highlighted in white. His eyes are narrowed with a suspicious look and his face is in shadows.

“Too convenient,” says Thog.

Panel 6

Xavros stands in front of the ocean, his head tilted towards the left of the panel. He is smiling widely, his eyes closed.

“What a random act of kindness!” says Xavros.

Panel 7

Xavros has moved close to the cart, facing the stranger whose cloak can be just seen at the side of the panel where it rests on the seat on the front of the cart. Xavros looks excited and trusting as he says, “Thank you, stranger. We accept!”

Behind Xavros, Thog stands further away from the cart, outlined in white. He is looking down at Horbin in his arms, who is still passed out. He seems unimpressed.

“Is wisdom wizard’s dump stat?” Thog asks the unresponsive form of his halfling companion.

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