Common Ground

Veronica: Ugh!

GM: “Q-quit? You can’t quit!

Veronica: Oh yeah? Watch me!

GM: The PCs need someone to rescue!

Veronica: Then get them a basket of kittens.

Frank: I love kittens!

Frank: They’re so cute! And fluffy!

GM & Veronica: Not helping, Frank.

Frank: At least you two agree on something.


Panel 1

Veronica and GM stand in front of an almost background. Veronica frowns and her eyes narrowed at GM, as if daring him to say something, stop her, anything. GM, meanwhile, looks shell shocked, his eyes wide, as he stares at Veronica, as if he can’t believe this just happened.

Neither of them say anything.

Panel 2

Veronica and GM stand in front of the entrance to the balcony. Veronica has turned away from GM, as she yells her frustration.

“Ugh!” yells Veronica.

GM’s brain seems to have finally kicked back into gear, although he still seems surprised. “Q-quit?” he stutters. “You can’t quit!”

Panel 3

Veronica stands in front of a flame-like gradient background of orange to red. Her teeth are gritted, as she glares to the right.

“Oh yeah?” she asks. “Watch me!”

Panel 4

GM and Veronica stand in front of a light blue background. GM waves his arms in the air to emphasize his point, while Veronica stubbornly refuses to look at him.

“The PCs need someone to rescue!” says GM.

“Then get them a basket of kittens,” suggests Veronica.

From the right, off panel, Frank says, “I love kittens!”

Panel 5

Frank stands in front of a light pink background, with two white hearts on either side of his head. His eyes are closed, a giant smile on his face, as he raises fists in the air with excitement, the argument between GM and Veronica temporarily forgotten.

“They’re so cute!” he enthuses, “And fluffy!”

Panel 6

Frank stands alone in front of the entrance to the balcony, with GM and Veronica supposedly somewhere off panel to the left.

“Not helping, Frank,” GM and Veronica yell from off panel.

Frank shrugs. “At least you two agree on something,” he says.

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